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Our Logo, Our Values

Pride and Commitment

The Banexport logo is the emblem of our pride and the symbol of our commitment to the highest of standards in product quality, to an honest and reliable working ethos and to the sustainable development of the Colombian coffee industry. It marks our respect for tradition and culture in the numerous coffee-producing communities that we collaborate with across the country, as well as our ambition to realise the true potential of our country's people and resources.

A 'seal of quality'


The logo is a 'seal of quality', our promise of excellence in the products and services we offer. It is brought to life by the 'primary colours' of the coffee-growing environment, culture and landscape.

Deep red is the colour of the ripe coffee cherries, while dark olive green is that of the coffee leaves. The two colours are also found widely across many coffee- producing communities, from the paint used to decorate the traditional farmers' houses' windows and doors to the old Willy’s jeeps used to transport the coffee beans. Most of the equipment used in coffee mills and farms is also dressed in these colours.


The dry parchment colour


The dry parchment colour, chosen for our logo's text, is associated with the colour of dried coffee, in the state that it is sold and bought in the local markets of small towns. It is also, however, the colour of the fique, the natural fibre used to make Colombia's characteristic coffee sacks; Colombia is the only country to use these 70 kilo bags, distinguished by three stripes (red-green-red).

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