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Collaborating with Producers

Coffee producers are no longer selling coffee beans – what they offer is a complex beverage, the development of that complexity is crucial for them to be able to access differentiated and sustainable markets.

The core of our work lies in generating long-term relationships with coffee producers, accompanying them with guidance in their path to achieving outstanding standards of quality. It is a tailor-made process, in which the progress of each farm is kept track of and advice is adapted to their individual needs.

When a farmer brings a sample to our laboratory, it is evaluated by our team of experts (cuppers and agricultural engineers) by means of physical and sensorial analysis; based on these results we provide guidence to develop hand in hand a complex cup of unique flavour notes for the international market. After this process, our team of agricultural engineers visits the producer’s farm bringing them feedback from their evaluation and providing suggestions for improvement in different areas of their work.

It is a two way process: we get to develop a collective knowledge base about growing and producing coffee, by learning from each producer that we collaborate with, and in return they get to benefit from this collected knowledge, while also receiving strategic insight about how to enhance the value of their coffee in the international market.

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